Associated SC10 Beginner's Buying Guide has put together a buying guide that explains exactly what you need to race or bash the Associated SC10! MORE HERE

Just like your SC10, putting an LiPo battery in your SC18 will increase speed and improve runtimes. NiMH batteries (like the stock SC18 RTR battery) can work for casual SC18 owners, but LiPo batteries are simply a must for any SC18 racers or serious bashers. Read this article to find out how to get your SC18 LiPo powered.

A reader sent us a great link that outlines the basics of tuning the suspension on an off-road RC. This article through each tuning option and explains how it will affect performance.

Old and new RC enthusiasts alike should give this a quick read - Off-road Suspension Tuning Guide at

The Team Associated SC18 is ready-to-run right out of the box, including a battery and 10 hour charger. Yes, I just said "10 hour charger". It is pretty cool that a charger is included with the SC18, however a 10 hour charge can be inconvenient and unpractical.

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Team Associated met the demand for a smaller scale Short Course Truck when they created the SC10's little brother, the SC18. The SC18 offers realistic 1/18th scale short course racing in an affordable RTR package for $159.95. If you are unsure about buying a larger 1/10th scale truck, like the SC10, here are some reasons why the SC18 may be a better truck for you.

Winter is around the corner and for many RC'ers that means indoor racing. Many indoor tracks are high traction and well maintained. If your SC10 is set up for a loose and bumpy outdoor track, there are a few tuning adjustments you can make that will improve the performance of your truck on high-bite surfaces.

The SC10 comes with tons of steering out of the box. If you race on a loose surface, you have given up much of this steering in favor of rear traction. When moving from a loose track to a high-traction track, you do not need as much rear traction. This allows you to tune your truck for more steering.

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Here is a good review of the Team Associated SC10 RTR by Watch this video if you are thinking about buying a SC10. Go to our Beginner's Buying Guide if you want more info on pricing and cost of upgrades.

Buy the Team Associated SC10 Brushless RTR

SC10 Brushless RTR Review

Let's face it, brushed motors and NiMh battery packs have been left in the dust by Brushless motors and LiPo batteries. Thankfully Associated has finally delivered the SC10 Brushless RTR that we have all been waiting for. Now you can get the awesome Brushless power and long LiPo runtimes in the SC10 RTR package.

Factory Team SC10 Kit

The Factory Team SC10 has arrived and it is BAD-ASS. For RC racers who want the best, this is the 2WD SC Truck for you. If you are new to RC and need electronics in addition to a Truck, we recommend the Factory Team SC10 Kit. Those who want to get all of the hop-ups now and skip the costly process of upgrading, the Factory Team SC10 is waiting for you.

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This is a 4x4 short course race going down at Norcal Hobbies in Union City, California. Nice video sponsored by

SC10 RTR vs SC10 Kit

In most situations, we believe everyone should buy and build their own SC10 Kit. Ready-To-Run's (RTRs) are nice if you want instant gratification, but building a kit sets you up for long-term success. When building your kit, you will learn the intricacies of your vehicle - replacing, repairing, and rebuilding your SC10. While you can always rely on your LHS to help with repairs, you don’t want to be clueless when the LHS is unavailable.

Most local hobby shops prefer to sell the RTR versions, mostly because they can offer more competitive prices and they are easier to sell to someone new to RC. The problem is that RTR's allow you to skip the valuable learning experience of building a kit. If you don't think you will enjoy building your RC car, then this sport may not be for you. Repairs and maintenance are large part of RC and someone who dreads taking apart and rebuilding their Truck will lose interest quickly.