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SC10 RTR vs SC10 Kit

In most situations, we believe everyone should buy and build their own SC10 Kit. Ready-To-Run's (RTRs) are nice if you want instant gratification, but building a kit sets you up for long-term success. When building your kit, you will learn the intricacies of your vehicle - replacing, repairing, and rebuilding your SC10. While you can always rely on your LHS to help with repairs, you don’t want to be clueless when the LHS is unavailable.

Most local hobby shops prefer to sell the RTR versions, mostly because they can offer more competitive prices and they are easier to sell to someone new to RC. The problem is that RTR's allow you to skip the valuable learning experience of building a kit. If you don't think you will enjoy building your RC car, then this sport may not be for you. Repairs and maintenance are large part of RC and someone who dreads taking apart and rebuilding their Truck will lose interest quickly.

The one reason you should buy a SC10 RTR is for the cost savings. RTR's bundle multiple products together (vehicle, controller, ESC, motor, etc.) making them cheaper than buying separately. However, RTR kits usually come with cheaper accessories than could be bought separately. If you are on a budget, then the SC10 RTR version will get you on the track for less cash.

Overall, buying a SC10 Kit (if you can afford it) and building your SC10 will provide you with a better performing truck, as well as the knowledge to tune and repair your SC10.

View our SC10 Beginner's Buying Guide for our suggestions and pricing on solid SC10 setups (RTR and Kit).

SC10 Brushless RTR - $259.95
You need: Battery pack, Charger, and AA batteries for radio - See Buying Guide

SC10 Truck Kit - 169.95
You need: Radio system, ESC, Motor, Battery pack, Charger - See Buying Guide

Warps are fixed within the loom rack, almost like a standing frame which consists of 4 bars. The warps will be looped tightly between the top bar and the bottom one. The density with the warps is the key to the quality on the carpet and with more warps, the design and style looks more clear and vivid and accordingly, this requires more work.

Just bought an SC10 kit

Its not all about the racing, waiting for it to be delivered.

The joy of getting a kit and putting it together with my own speed controller and motor, servo of my choice, tyres of my choice (glued by me with special heat resistant tape, that no-one else uses/knows about but makes the foams last 100% longer), paint colour of my choice/team colours. Its a good feeling.

Its already got the team hop ups so when I get super excited about racing I dont have to buy upgrades i could have bought at the start. Can tune it right from day one. Only myself to blame for set-up/bad driving.

I know tools are important so i bought the associated tool kit right from the start too. Being cheap will cost with stripped screws, if there was a hop up screw kit would have bought that too.

I cant afford to race go-karts/formula ford so I treat my sc10 as serious, but realise its good fun and dont bitch whinge cry when racing at marshalls or other racers.

Bought a top kit and expect good performance

I am buying a SC10 kit. What will I need to get it running. How many servos and what type of motor and ESC and reciever and transmitter will work? Just need models and types. Also need to know what batteries to buy and charger. Thanks Jeff Schultz


You only need one servo, for the steering (we recommend the futaba metal gear servo). As for ESC and Motor, the castle creations sidewinder or Mamba max 4600kV is a great option. This combo will also set you up for LiPo battery power. I like Dynamite batteries, but anything that is 5000mAH or higher with at least a 25c discharge rate will work. Start with a 2 cell pack.

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