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Whether it is big bore or small bore, a piston with a lot of little holes or a few big holes, shocks can be a small mystery. In this article, I discuss the effects of pistons, oils, and spacers on your SC10 setup.

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It is that time of year again. Christmas music is already playing in the stores and at any time, snow could blanket the ground (or possibly already has depending on where you live). Unfortunately, with the snow covering the ground, it is also covering the track leaving many RC enthusiasts with one option - an indoor track!

SC10 Motor Gearing

Motor gearing is one of most important tuning options that you can play with on the SC10. Changing the gearing of your SC10 affects many things, including: Top speed, acceleration, motor temperature (motor life), and run time. Gearing will be different for everybody depending on type of motor, track conditions, and driving style.

Make the SC10 More Durable

If there is one common criticism of the SC10, it is lack of durability. SC10's were made to race so some think they tend to be a little more fragile than trucks like the Slash or Blitz. You really only need to do a few things to give the SC10 a strong frame.

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Quality video made by Squirrelod on what upgrades to make to your SC10. There are two parts, the first part covers bearings, transmission, and CVD's. The second part covers Motor Mounting, gearing, and tires. Definitely worth watching and there are some ideas that you should try.

Part One

Girl Gets Owned by RC Car

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The title says it all and the video does not disappoint.

SC10 Racing Tips

If you own an Associated SC10, you probably want to race. Short Course Truck racing has taken the RC world by storm and the SC10 has proven to be a top competitor at local tracks. We have compiled some general tips for any beginner racers out there along with some SC10 specific advice.

Like all 2WD short course trucks, the SC10's rear traction is the biggest issue for most of your setups. If you are racing on-road or on carpet tracks, then traction probably isn't a concern, but for the off-roaders I am guessing you need some help. We have came up with 6 tips to keep your SC10's rear wheels hooked up.

One of the biggest problems with short course trucks and the SC10 is the difficulty of keeping them stable in the air. If you run your SC10 on a small track then this probably isn't a problem for you. If you track features some larger jumps and features than you may have noticed that it difficult to control in the air.

Chaning the battery position can be a quick and easy way to tune the handling of your SC10. In general, we are changing the weight distribution between the front and the back of the SC10.

Effects of moving the battery back:

- More rear traction
- Less steering
- More stability during acceleration and breaking
- Vehicle will tend to jump more nose up

Effects of moving the battery forward:

- Less rear traction
- More steering