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SC10 Differential Options

There are two options when choosing a differential for your SC10...

1. You can keep the Associated SC10 Gear Differential that comes with your SC10 kit or RTR.

2. OR, buy the Associated SC10 Ball Differential.

Team Associated SC10 RS RTR

The SC10 RS RTR is the latest version of the SC10 RTR released by Team Associated. The SC10 RS (which stands for "Race-Spec") is basically the same thing as an SC10 Brushless RTR with some added hop-ups and features.

Here are the notable features that make the SC10 RS RTR special:

If you are still running a brushed motor on your SC10 (or any RC vehicle), you need to start thinking about upgrading to a brushless setup. Prices for brushless motor + esc combos have decreased dramatically and the advantages of a brushless motor are worth every penny.

The main advantages of brushless motors are less maintenance, more tuning options, and better performance over the life of the motor. We all know that brushed motors can be a pain to take care of, whether it is cleaning them out, replacing brushes, or cutting the comm. We also know that if you do not do maintenance regularly, your brushed motor will lose performance. With a brushless setup, you are virtually throwing maintenance out of the window. Your brushless motor will perform the same way, run after run.

Does the SC10 brush-less RTR come stock with V2 shocks?

Does the SC10 brush-less RTR come stock with V2 shocks?

Our Answer

No, the SC10 Brushless RTR does not come with the V2 shocks.

You can buy the V2 shocks through using the following links:

- SC10 FT Front V2 Threaded Shocks (1.02)

- SC10 FT Rear V2 Threaded Shocks (1.32)

While the RTR does not come with the V2 shocks, the Factory Team SC10 Kit does, along with a bunch of other great factory team hop-ups.

Buy the Factory Team SC10 Kit Here

SC10 Setup Tips

Team Associated did a much needed redesign of their website a few months ago. One practical improvement was that they made the Setup Sheets easy to find for the SC10.

In an organized table, they have listed a link to download the Setup Sheet, the name of the driver, the track the setup was used on, and the conditions of the track. They have SC10 setup tips for just about any racing surface.

Here are some good tips for any beginner short course truck racers out there. These tips will help the beginner SC10 owner get ready for a race.

Race Preparation

1. You need two batteries to participate in most local races. A typical race day will consist of three 5-minute qualifying races, followed by a 5 to 10 minute Main. You can't afford to waste time charging your battery after each round (assuming you have a AC/DC charger) and you don't want to risk losing juice during one of your Quals or Main.

See Video

A quick look at the Team Associated Factory Team SC10 by Ryan Maifield. He points out the major upgrades from the original SC10 and also shows us a brand new SC10 body and tires from JConcepts.

SC8 and SC8e RTR Review

See Video

Team Associated has taken on the 1/8th scale Short Course class with the introduction of the SC8 Nitro RTR and SC8e Electric RTR. These trucks have 4wd power and gets around the track as fast as some 8th scale buggys and truggys. Here are the features of the SC8 and SC8e, along with video review of the SC8 Nitro RTR.

If you don't know what Short Course Truck Racing is, then this is the video for you. This 4 min video is action packed with Short Course Truck racing that any newcomer or long time fan will enjoy.

I've been playing around with my SC10 setup recently, mostly changing...

I've been playing around with my SC10 setup recently, mostly changing shock springs, shock mounting positions, battery position, and gearing. One change I've been reluctant to make is changing the weight on my shock oil because that costs a little money and I don't even know where to start. Any recommendations on a good shock oil weight for my SC10? I race on a clay track with pretty good traction, lots of bumps and some good sized jumps.

Our Answer

The SC10 comes with 30wt shock oil for the front and rear shocks. 30wt shock oil will be fine for on-road driving, but for most off-road tracks you will want a heavier oil all the way around. If you are running on a clay track then you should try 35wt oil in the rear and 40wt oil in the front. This will add a more damping to your shocks which will provide more stability in turns and better performance when landing a big jump. Also, running a slightly heavier weight in the front shocks will provide better traction in the rear which will make the SC10 easier to drive for most drivers.

Setups by Team Associated drivers can be found here:

Just select "SC10" from the "Select your Truck" drop down on the left. A popular setup for shocks is the 40wt oil with gold springs in the front and 35wt oil with green springs in the rear. Hope this helps!