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6 Reasons to Get the Team Associated SC18 RTR

Team Associated met the demand for a smaller scale Short Course Truck when they created the SC10's little brother, the SC18. The SC18 offers realistic 1/18th scale short course racing in an affordable RTR package for $159.95. If you are unsure about buying a larger 1/10th scale truck, like the SC10, here are some reasons why the SC18 may be a better truck for you.

1. The SC18 has a smaller size and doesn't need as much space. The 1/18th scale short course truck is great for small backyards, basements, and 1/18th scale tracks. If you don't have the space to run an SC10, then you shouldn't waste your money on the bigger truck. Those looking to build a backyard track will really appreciate a smaller scale short course truck. In the same space, you can build a fun and exciting 1/18th scale track that will require less initial work and will be easier to maintain.

2. The SC18 is great for young RC'ers and people of all ages who are new to the sport. Regardless of your situation, the SC18 is a great way to test your interest without breaking the bank (only $159.95 for the RTR Kit).

Another good feature for new RC'ers is the speed of the SC18. The SC18 tops out at about 17mph which is a lot easier to drive than the SC10 which can get up to 30mph. If you want the SC18 to go faster, don't worry, upgrading to a brushless motor and LiPo batteries will give you plenty of speed.

3. The SC18 RTR Package comes with everything you need. The SC18 RTR comes with the truck itself (fully assembled), a 3-channel 2.4g radio, motor, battery, and charger. Other than AA batteries (for the radio), you do not need to purchase anything to run the SC18 out of the box.

4. The SC18 is 4WD!! We love the SC10 2WD action but there is nothing like ripping around with 4WD power and handling. 4WD is easier to drive and many racers think it is more fun than 2WD. If you want more affordable 4WD racing, the SC18 could be the right option for you.

5. You already own an SC10 and want something else to mess around with. The SC18 is probably the most fun you will have driving an 1/18th scale RC truck. If you have had your SC10 for a while and have thinking about getting something else, but the price of a full scale RC is making you hesitate, the SC18 is a great alternative.

6. Lower Cost. We touched on this earlier. The SC18 is $159.95, Ready-To-Run. And we mean, RTR. You do not need anything to get this truck going besides AA batteries. Compared to the SC10, you are spending about $250 less to get going. For our younger readers and those not wanting to break the bank, the SC18 is an exciting option.

Check out the video below and decide if the SC18 is right for you or your kids!