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Replacing the SC18 RTR Charger

The Team Associated SC18 is ready-to-run right out of the box, including a battery and 10 hour charger. Yes, I just said "10 hour charger". It is pretty cool that a charger is included with the SC18, however a 10 hour charge can be inconvenient and unpractical.

If you want to charge the stock SC18 battery in 45min to 1hr, check out the DuraTrax Onyx 200 AC/DC Sport Peak Charger. This entry level charger is affordable and will peak charge your SC18 battery in less than 1 hour.

You will need an adapter plug for this charger to work with your SC18 battery. This HPI Micro RS4 Connector Tamiya To Mini Plug will make the DuraTrax Onyx 200 AC/DC Sport Peak Charger compatible with your stock SC18 Battery.

Now you can run your SC18 multiple times a day on one battery!

If you really want to upgrade your SC18, consider LiPo batteries. These batteries require even more changes to your setup, which we detail in SC18 LiPo Battery Upgrade.

If you have charger you would like to recommend, please post in the comments section below. We are looking for affordable chargers for SC18 owners so try to keep it under $50.