Associated SC10 Beginner's Buying Guide has put together a buying guide that explains exactly what you need to race or bash the Associated SC10! MORE HERE

Our new sponsor for the April 2011 Newsletter Giveaway is Pro-Line Racing. Pro-Line Racing is one of the most well known manufacturers of RC tires and wheels. They have provided 3 sets of Pro-Line Caliber SC M3 Tires. This is a great tire to put on your SC10 rear wheels if you are running on an off-road track.

SC10 Front Sway Bar Mod

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Adding a front sway bar to your SC10 can add stability and rigidity to the front of the truck making it easier to drive. If you run on a low traction and smooth surface, you can add more traction in turns with a front sway bar.

For those new to RC, "toe-in" refers to the horizontal angle of the wheels. If the front side of your tires are pointed in towards the chassis, then you have "toe-in". If they are pointed away from the chassis, you have "toe-out".

This picture from is a great illustration of toe-in/toe-out:

RC Toe-in and Toe-out

SC18 Tuning Spring Kit

The SC18 doesn't have many tuning options out of the box. The only thing you can change about the suspension is the amount of pre-load by adding or subtracting spacers from the shock body. This will change the ride height and have some effect on handling, but if you want to make big changes you will need to change the shock springs.

To change the springs on your SC18, you will need the Factory Team 1:18 Scale Tuning Spring Kit. This kit will give you two additional tuning options for the front and rear springs on your SC18.

Our new sponsor for the March 2011 Newsletter Giveaway is T-Bone Racing. T-Bone Racing makes high-quality bumpers and braces for a variety of RC cars and trucks. We contacted them to sponsor this contest because of their awesome SC10 products.

We want to thank T-Bone Racing for their gracious sponsorship of 3 SC10 Front Chassis Braces to be given away to 3 lucky readers!

UPDATE: The February Newsletter Giveaway is over. Thanks to for sponsoring!

The February Newsletter Give-away has a winner! Jason from Nevada was selected randomly to win the Lucas Oil Painted SC10 Body, which was generously provided by

Jason was actually the second winner chosen. We e-mailed the first winner, but he failed to respond within 48 hours and therefore lost his prize! Remember to check your e-mail on the day of the drawing! The e-mail could be in your spam folder as well.

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Team Associated has come out with the RC Cheat Sheets iPhone App, their second iPhone application. The RC Cheat Sheets App is a comprehensive reference guide for every Team Associated car and truck. The app has tuning guides, various calculators, a lap counter, and unit conversion tools.

I went to buy it from the App store on my iPhone, but at $2.99 I had to think again. The reviews in the App store are all pretty good, praising the app for having tons of information and being extremely useful. I think I'll wait to see if it comes down a bit and then check it out.

UPDATE: The February Newsletter Giveaway is over. Thanks to for sponsoring!

On February 14th, 2011, will be giving away an SC10 Lucas Oil Painted Body provided by the good people at to one of our newsletter subscribers! consistently provides the lowest prices on RC products and we always do our online shopping with them.

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I was surfing the internet the other day and I came across the HPI Baja 5SC RTR. This thing is an absolute monster. The Baja 5SC is a 1:5 scale, gas power short course truck. This is as close as you are going to get to a short course truck without going to a Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series event.

Everything about the Baja 5SC is heavy duty - even the price!

Team Associated has announced the release of the SC10 4x4! According to the A-Main Hobbies website, the SC10 4x4 will be available late March 2011.

The 4x4 Short Course Class has become a popular and competitive class at local tracks and now Team Associated has a truck that any hardcore racer will be excited about.

The Team Associated SC10 4x4 is built "with a clean sheet of paper" which means it features an innovative design that isn't based on any other Team Associated truck.