Associated SC10 Beginner's Buying Guide has put together a buying guide that explains exactly what you need to race or bash the Associated SC10! MORE HERE

Associated SC10 Beginner's Buying Guide

Buying your first RC car can be intimidating and if you don't know what you need, you could make some costly mistakes. In this recently updated guide, we are going to tell you exactly what you need to get started with the Team Associated SC10.

Here are the components you need to get your SC10 race-ready.

1. SC10 RTR Kit

SC10 Brushless RTR Kit

The SC10 Brushless RTR Kit comes with everything you need to start bashing, and almost everything you need to start racing. The RTR kit includes: SC10 Truck (assembled), XP3-SS 2.4GHz 3-channel radio system, XP SC450-BL Brushless ESC with LiPo cutoff, and Reedy 3300kV Brushless Motor.

The SC10 Brushless RTR is the most economical way to get started with the SC10.

2. Lipo Battery for SC10

LiPo Battery - LiPo batteries are one of the best things that has ever happened to the RC hobby. LiPo batteries give you more power, more runtime, and have a longer life. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money to get a LiPo Battery.

Get the Dynamite 6000 mah Lipo if you want a great value and lots of run time.

Get the Dynamite 4200 mah Lipo if you want to save a little money.

See LiPo Battery and Charger Setup for SC10 for more info.

3. Lipo Battery Charger

LiPo Battery Charger - LiPo batteries require a charger that is specifically designed to charge LiPo batteries. We highly recommend the AC/DC LiPo charger from Dynamite. The Dynamite AC/DC Lipo Charger can charge through any electrical outlet or it can be powered by a car battery.

See LiPo Battery and Charger Setup for SC10 for more info.

4. SC10 Off-Road Tires

The SC10 RTR comes with tires that will only perform well on high traction surfaces like pavement or carpet. I have seen many newbies come to race with their stock SC10 tires and their truck is almost impossible to drive.

At the very least, you need to get soft rear tires. Depending on the track surface and your budget, you may need softer fronts as well. Here are some great tire options for your SC10:

See Hop-up Tires for the SC10 for more info.

5. SC10 Toolbox Essentials

If you don't have any tools, we recommend your invest in some if you can. The SC10 RTR kit does come with hex wrenches and nut drivers, but they are cheap. If you can get a set of semi-quality hex wrenches and nut drivers, it will make working on your SC10 alot easier (not to mention less stripped screws).

See SC10 Toolbox Essentials for more info.

6. Double AA batteries

You need eight (8) double AA batteries to power the 2.4g radio that comes with the SC10 RTR. If you have the extra cash, I recommend getting some rechargeable Energizers and a double AA battery charger.

These six products will start you off with a quality set up that can bash up your backyard or tear up your local track. If you want to upgrade to a faster motor, check out SC10 Brushless Motor Setups for more info.

Why Short Course Trucks are great for beginners (or anyone!)

Short Course racing has taken local tracks and backyards by storm and for good reason. Short Course trucks have bigger tires and bigger bodies that make for exciting, realistic racing and bashing. Compared to traditional RC off-road truggies and buggies, Short Course Trucks can handle more contact without spinning out or flipping over. If you are especially interested in racing, most local tracks have a 2WD Short Course class, but you should check with your local track to be sure.

Why buy the Team Associated SC10 over the Traxxas Slash

Whether you want to race at your local track or bash in the backyard, the SC10 is a great RC truck for beginners and experienced hobbyists wanting to join the Short Course action. The reason we like the SC10 and encourage others to buy it is it's combination of durability and racing build. We have been racing our SC10 for a year now and its durability has been comparable to any Traxxas Slash we have seen. As for racing ability, the SC10 lighter and more agile than the Slash allowing for faster speed, better cornering, and more tuning options. I'm not saying you can't be a race winner with a Slash (the local Traxxas pro kicks my ass!), but from my experience, the SC10 is the faster truck.