Associated SC10 Beginner's Buying Guide has put together a buying guide that explains exactly what you need to race or bash the Associated SC10! MORE HERE

If you have an SC10 4x4 kit, then you probably need a brushless motor to go with it. There are a lot of options, but if you want to go with one of the best 4x4 brushless motors available, check out the LRP Vector X-12L Brushless Modified Motor (made by Team Associated).

At, we want to help all types of SC10 owners, and most importantly we want to help the "newbies" out there, however, you won't find any step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble or reassemble your SC10 on this website.

R.O.A.R (Remotely Operated Auto Racing) is a non-profit organization that sanctions RC racing events in the US and Canada. Their guidelines are used to maintain consistent specifications at all RC clubs. These specifications include including: track width, body size, tire compounds, battery size, motor guidelines, and others.

In this post we are going to focus on the motor guidelines, and recommend a R.O.A.R legal "stock spec" motor for your SC10.

If you've read our 6 Tips to Improve Rear Traction, you know that rear traction can be a problem for the stock SC10. The good thing is that the SC10 has tons of steering and you can do a lot of things to tune down the steering and get the back-end hooked up really well.

One of the ways to tune down steering and increase rear traction is by adding "Anti-squat" or "Kick-up" to the rear suspension. Anti-squat can be defined as the angle of the hinge pins to the surface your truck is on. To increase rear traction, you will want to increase the angle of your rear hinge pins.

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Have you ever been at the track and heard someone driving a really loud RC? You also may have noticed that their truck is sluggish with very little punch. If this is your RC, or you want to avoid having an SC10 with no punch, then you need to regularly maintain your SC10's transmission.

We are doing everything we can to get our hands on the Team Associated SC10 4x4 Kit so we can review it (and race it!).

In the meantime, the Pro's over at have reviewed the SC10 4x4 and made video.

Click here to read the Review of the Team Associated SC10 4x4 Kit

The SC10GT is an exciting and unique release by Team Associated. Until now, nitro-powered Short Course trucks have all been 1/8th scale models. With the SC10GT, Associated has brought affordable nitro-powered RC to the 1/10th scale Short Course Truck that we all love.

This truck and RTR kit is a great way for anyone looking to get into the nitro side of RC. Check out the details below...

- Buy the Nitro-Powered SC10GT at -

Rebuilding your SC10 shocks should be done every couple weeks to ensure consistent dampening and traction on all 4 wheels. However, filling each shock with the appropriate amount of oil and making them feel smooth can be a pain in the A#*!! Thankfully, Associated created the Factory Team Bleeder Caps to make the process of filling your shocks with the correct amount of oil (while keeping air out) much easier.

Buy the SC10 Factory Team Bleeder Caps at

If you want more speed and less maintenance, then you need to hop-up your SC18 with a Brushless Motor and ESC. A Brushless Motor can take your stock SC18 top speed from about 17-18 mph all the way to 30-40 mph+. Here are some quality Micro Brushless Motor/ESC Combos that will dramatically increase the speed of your SC18 and provide compatibility with LiPo batteries.

If you have a stripped screw on your SC10 you are not alone. Stripped screws are a common problem, especially when using cheap tools provided with a new kit.

First lets talk about what to do if you already have a stripped screw. The best way to get a stripped screw out is to use pliers (needle nose are the best). This process can be very tedious and you can break other parts if you are not careful. The goal here is to just get that screw to turn out enough to get your pliers around the head. If you are unable to get pliers around the screwhead, then we have bigger problems. At this point I would suggest that most people take their truck to their local hobby shop or watch this video - Stripped Screw Head Removal