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I am a budget racer in mind and doing well in the stock class but...

I am a budget racer in mind and doing well in the stock class but am wanting to move into mod class. is the new castle sct system a good combo for mod class?

Our Answer

The Castle Creations Sidewinder and Castle Creations Mamba Max are great options for a 2WD short course mod class.

The 5700kv motor will be more than enough power to compete in the mod class.

The Sidewinder is the more affordable ESC/Motor combo, but still a great product. If you are on a budget, go with this ESC/Motor combo.

Buy the Castle Creations Sidewinder ESC/Motor 5700kv

The Mamba Max costs more and is a top of the line system. The high quality materials and construction produces lower motor temperatures and a longer life for the system.

Buy the Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro ESC/Motor Combo 5700kv

SC10 Christmas List 2010

Christmas is just around the corner and we thought we would give you some ideas for your Wish List this year.

Castle Creations Mamba Max 5700kv Motor/ESC Combo

If you are still running a brushed motor then a Brushlees Motor and ESC Combo should be the first thing on your wish list. A Brushless Motor and ESC will increase torque and top speed, plus decrease motor maintenance to virtually nothing.

The Mamba Max Motor/ESC Combo is as good as it gets. With tons of power and minimum maintenance, the Mamba Max system will completely change your SC10.

See our article, SC10 Brushless Motor Setups for more info and options.

Hi, Im a total beginner in the hobby and Ive just bought my first...

Hi, Im a total beginner in the hobby and Ive just bought my first truck. I decided to buy the SC10 RTR. Have I made the wrong decision? I want it to introduce myself to the hobby, to bash and to take to the track to have fun with. So after reading one of your articles I think I may have made the wrong decision and should have chosen the SLASH instead. Any thoughts? Thanks. Jose.

Our Answer


You have not made the wrong decision. While Traxxas has a reputation as being beginner friendly, this is not the case when it comes to the 2WD short course class. The SC10 RTR and Slash are both great trucks for RC beginners. They are both very durable and will teach you how to drive.

The only benefit one could argue for the Slash over the SC10, is that the Slash is easier to drive out of the box on off-road tracks. The SC10 is fairly difficult to drive out of the box on a loose off-road surface. The good news is that you have found which has some great articles that will help you get your SC10 setup.

I think you will actually learn more about RC with your SC10 and once you become a better driver, you'll be glad you have the fastest 2WD short course truck!

Take some time and read through our Beginners section. We have posts on just about every topic a beginner would need. As always, feel free to submit more questions to us and we will help you out!

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Many short course truck RC'ers have modified their truck to accept 1/8 scale buggy wheels. This allows you to run a wide array of tire and wheel combinations. Some people also believe it increases traction and performance.

The drawback to this modification is that you will lose the short course truck look and scale. It is also important to note that some tracks might not let you race in the short course class after you make this conversion. has become the #1 website for info about the SC10. With the success that we have enjoyed, we decided to add a SC18 section to the website.

We just received an SC18 the other day and have had a blast playing around with it in the house, on the street, and at the track. The stock SC18 has given us hours of fun, but now we are ready to hop it up and see what it can really do.

SC10 Hauler Bag

One of the readers emailed us asking for a recommendation on a good hauler bag for the SC10 (a sturdy bag that can carry your truck, transmitter, tools, etc). While I've never had the need for a hauler bag, some of you do, and I found a product that should do the trick.

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I have a set of tires that are the same bead size inner and outer...

I have a set of tires that are the same bead size inner and outer (2.2 in) and I need a set of wheels for them. Are there any SC10 wheels that are the same bead size both sides?

Our Answer

There are no wheels that are made specifically for the SC10 that have the same inner and outer wheel diameter.

If you have some 2.2" diameter tires, you will need to buy T4 wheels (the T4 is Team Associated's 1/10th scale truggy). These wheels will fit on the SC10 no problem and should fit your 2.2" tires. You may have trim your SC10 body if the tires are rubbing.

You can buy T4 wheels at here:

JConcepts T4 Rear Wheels

JConcepts T4 Front Wheels

We do not recommend this modification because your SC10 will no longer be a 1/10th scale Short Course Truck, but if you really need to use the tires or think it will help with performance, go for it!

If anyone has a pic of their SC10 with T4 tires, please contact us and we'll get the pic from you and post it on the site!

SC10 Toolbox Essentials

One of the readers asked us to write a post about good things to keep in a toolbox for practicing and racing at the track. We came up with the following list of items you should keep handy. If you keep these items in your toolbox, you will be able to repair, tune, and rebuild your SC10 at the track without having to borrow a tool from your LHS or another driver. Plus, you'll have all the tools necessary to help the newbie next to you in the pits.