Associated SC10 Beginner's Buying Guide has put together a buying guide that explains exactly what you need to race or bash the Associated SC10! MORE HERE
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High quality camera on an SC10 bashing with a Traxxas Slash. This is one of the better on-board videos of an SC10 that I could find.

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Cool video of a SC10 bashing in the sand. This guy hooked up his SC10 with a Mamba Max 7700kV motor/ESC combo and some paddle tires. Too bad he put the tires on backward!

Factory Team parts were created by Team Associated to provide better performance and durability. Many of these hop-ups were created for the B4 Buggy or T4 Truggy, but they fit on your SC10.

Here are some parts that we think are worth looking into:

This is fairly simple - GET A LIPO! LiPo's (Lithium Polymer batteries) are the best option for any RC'er. We strongly recommend getting a LiPo battery if you want to get the most out of your SC10. Lipo batteries provide more power, have a longer life, weigh less, and give you LONGER RUNTIMES.

Longer runtimes are the biggest advantage of LiPo batteries. One of the major knocks of electric RC is that you spend all this time fixing your vehicle and charging the batteries and then you only get to run your truck for 10 minutes. This is not true anymore. LiPo's now give you the option of running your truck for a solid 20-30 minutes (or more) with no detectable decrease in power before cutting off.

When running your SC10, you must be aware of motor temperature. Motors are expensive and if you let one get too hot, you may end up having to replace it. For many of you motor temp will not be a problem, but you should know that different track conditions or changes to your set up could cause your motor to get hotter than normal.

The SC18 Brushless RTR is now available which means the best 1:18 scale 4WD short course truck comes with brushless power.

When you think about an 1:18 scale truck, you think fun! The last thing you want to do is worry about maintaining or replacing motors. With the SC18 Brushless, you get a ton of power with little to no maintenance. That means more time running your truck and less time on the work bench.

The SC18 Brushless RTR is perfect for first time RCer's and for anyone that wants to have some fun in the backyard.

Click here to see pricing at

The SC18 Brushless RTR features the Reedy 5000kv Brushless Motor and LiPo ready ESC.

In a previous post, we mentioned the new Multimedia section of the Team Associated website. This new addition to their website includes videos, photos, and wallpapers. The content that we are most excited about are the "Tech Tip" videos.

The Team Associated staff made 12 "Tech Tip" videos for the SC10 4x4. These videos are extremely helpful to any SC10 4x4 owner and we wanted to make a quick guide to these videos so you can easily access them.

Here is the intro video to the SC10 4x4 Tech Tips, and below are the rest of the videos...

We would like to thank Pro-Line Racing and everyone that submitted content for the April Giveaway Contest! We looked through every submission and chose our favorite - Grayson's SC10 w/ Paddle Tires.

We love to see people racing SC10's on non-traditional surfaces, and we thought Grayson's SC10 was BAD-ASS! (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Recently, Team Associated launched a new portion of their website, the Multimedia Page. This page contains tons of videos, photos, and wallpapers for Team Associated drivers. Check out this new multimedia section at Multimedia.

The content we are most interested in are the "Tech Tips" videos, which are already available for the SC10 and SC10 4x4.

Swollen Lipo Battery

I was getting ready to go race my SC10 the other night so I put my 6000 mah Dynamite Lipo Battery on to charge. It usually takes 1 hour at the most to charge and my Dynamite Lipo Charger always beeps when it is done. Well, I got a little carried away rebuilding some parts on my SC10 and before I knew it, the lipo had been charging for 2 hours and the charger never beeped!

As I walked over to the charger I could see the lipo was significantly swollen. At the time, I knew very little about swollen lipo batteries so I was a little concerned that it might catch on fire. I did some quick research to find out what I should do.