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Make the SC10 More Durable

If there is one common criticism of the SC10, it is lack of durability. SC10's were made to race so some think they tend to be a little more fragile than trucks like the Slash or Blitz. You really only need to do a few things to give the SC10 a strong frame.

1. Get the RPM Chassis Brace and Front Bumper (see Broken Front Chassis). The front portion of the chassis has been known to break and this brace will keep your chassis intact - RPM Chassis Brace and Front Bumper

2. Get the Factory Team Carbon Top Plate and the Factory Team Aluminum Hinge Pin Brace. The top plate usually breaks when your chassis breaks. If you combine the carbon top plate with the RPM Chassis Brace, you are on your way to a bullet proof front end. Add the Aluminum Hinge Pin Brace and your front end is really stacked now.

3. Replace your front and rear A-Arms with RPM A-Arms. The stock A-Arms are okay, but RPM is known for durability and every RPM part comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you break any RPM part, you can send straight to RPM and they will send you a replacement!

RPM SC10 Front A-Arms

RPM SC10 Rear A-Arms

4. Keep all of the stock bumpers. This includes the front, rear, and side "nerf bars". These bumpers protect your truck and they are a big part of the Short Course class of trucks. There is a RPM front bumper kit that comes with the RPM Chassis brace, but we don't like it very much because it is not as wide as the stock front bumper, leaving your A-Arms more exposed. Also, the SC10 body is big and it is designed to protect your SC10. If you cut the body to help your SC10 fly better, be sure to not weaken it too much. Cut a few vents on the side and a cut-out near the motor and you should be good.

5. Improve your driving skills. I know this probably isn't what you want to here but it is extremely important. Many people who own SC10's are first timers, and they don't understand the importance of keeping your truck on the track. If you are gunning the throttle and trying to hit every jump, you will be more likely to break parts. Just like a real car, bad driving will put your SC10 at serious risk of being damaged. There is no such thing as "bullet-proof" when it comes to RC so learn to drive properly and you will greatly minimize repair work.