Associated SC10 Beginner's Buying Guide has put together a buying guide that explains exactly what you need to race or bash the Associated SC10! MORE HERE

Team Associated SC10 Review

Here is a good review of the Team Associated SC10 RTR by Watch this video if you are thinking about buying a SC10. Go to our Beginner's Buying Guide if you want more info on pricing and cost of upgrades.

Buy the Team Associated SC10 Brushless RTR

Buy the Team Associated SC10 Kit

Is it just me or are you guys getting lazy, You havn't put up anything for a while so you wack up somenes youtube vid... Not the first time either.

I guess if you consider building the largest website about the SC and actively maintaining it for over a year while making negligible amounts of money then yea, you can consider us lazy. If you would like to take over the website email us at

Video is listed as private !!!

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