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SC10 Beginner

Short Course Trucks have brought a new racing class to RC tracks across the country. Sure, there are some traditionalists that have resisted this new class of racing, but many old timers and newcomers alike have found short course racing to be the one of the most fun and competitive classes to race. So, why has short course racing become so popular? Is the short course class the right class for you? Here are 5 reasons that you should hop on the Short Course RC bandwagon.

Transmission cleaning and maintenance is important for any RC vehicle, including your SC10. For those of you who bought an RTR, you may have never opened up the transmission, and if you neglect it for too long, it will not perform the way you want it to. Transmission maintenance includes cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating the gears and bearings.

Tuning your SC10 can be confusing, especially for a beginner. Thankfully we found a great tuning guide on the Team Associated website ( that explains general RC tuning in a concise handbook.

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It is that time of year again. Christmas music is already playing in the stores and at any time, snow could blanket the ground (or possibly already has depending on where you live). Unfortunately, with the snow covering the ground, it is also covering the track leaving many RC enthusiasts with one option - an indoor track!

SC10 Motor Gearing

Motor gearing is one of most important tuning options that you can play with on the SC10. Changing the gearing of your SC10 affects many things, including: Top speed, acceleration, motor temperature (motor life), and run time. Gearing will be different for everybody depending on type of motor, track conditions, and driving style.

Make the SC10 More Durable

If there is one common criticism of the SC10, it is lack of durability. SC10's were made to race so some think they tend to be a little more fragile than trucks like the Slash or Blitz. You really only need to do a few things to give the SC10 a strong frame.

SC10 Racing Tips

If you own an Associated SC10, you probably want to race. Short Course Truck racing has taken the RC world by storm and the SC10 has proven to be a top competitor at local tracks. We have compiled some general tips for any beginner racers out there along with some SC10 specific advice.

Like all 2WD short course trucks, the SC10's rear traction is the biggest issue for most of your setups. If you are racing on-road or on carpet tracks, then traction probably isn't a concern, but for the off-roaders I am guessing you need some help. We have came up with 6 tips to keep your SC10's rear wheels hooked up.

At, we want to help all types of SC10 owners, and most importantly we want to help the "newbies" out there, however, you won't find any step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble or reassemble your SC10 on this website.

R.O.A.R (Remotely Operated Auto Racing) is a non-profit organization that sanctions RC racing events in the US and Canada. Their guidelines are used to maintain consistent specifications at all RC clubs. These specifications include including: track width, body size, tire compounds, battery size, motor guidelines, and others.

In this post we are going to focus on the motor guidelines, and recommend a R.O.A.R legal "stock spec" motor for your SC10.