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SC10 Racing Tips

If you own an Associated SC10, you probably want to race. Short Course Truck racing has taken the RC world by storm and the SC10 has proven to be a top competitor at local tracks. We have compiled some general tips for any beginner racers out there along with some SC10 specific advice.

1. The best advice I can give to any beginner RC racer is to go for lap to lap consistency. The only way to have consistent lap times is to avoid wrecking. Marshalling is very unpredictable and you want to avoid it at all costs. Racing requires a lot of discipline and if you give in to the temptation of gunning the throttle at the wrong time, your lap times will suffer. Smooth and easy on the throttle will help you finish ahead of other newbies.

2. Get your rear traction under control. Racing usually brings out your nerves, and a twitchy finger combined with low rear traction will have you spinning out. Not to mention the SC10 can have terrible rear traction if not set up properly. Read our article, 6 Tips to Improve SC10 Rear Traction.

3. Let faster trucks pass you. It's not easy to give up your position, but it's the smart thing to do. Getting tangled up with another truck slows down everyone involved. If someone is obviously faster and a better driver, slow down and let them pass. If you are competing for a top spot, then of course hold your ground and go for the win!

4. Watch the best racers during practice. Which jumps are they going for? What lines are they taking? Track conditions change day to day and the optimal racing line may change as well. Generally, you shouldn't hit a jump that everyone else is rolling.

5. Know the race "logistics". Which transponder do you have? When is your next race? What is the starting order? How long are the Quals? The Main? These are all questions that can easily be answered by your race director or fellow competitors. Knowing the logistics of the race will help you be more prepared and focused on racing.

Please post your own racings tips in the comment section below.