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5 Reasons To Buy a Short Course Truck

Short Course Trucks have brought a new racing class to RC tracks across the country. Sure, there are some traditionalists that have resisted this new class of racing, but many old timers and newcomers alike have found short course racing to be the one of the most fun and competitive classes to race. So, why has short course racing become so popular? Is the short course class the right class for you? Here are 5 reasons that you should hop on the Short Course RC bandwagon.

1. Short course Trucks are realistic scales of actual off-road racing trucks. Sure, truggys and buggys are fun, but do they look like any real off-road vehicles that you have seen before? Short Course RC Trucks look and handle just like the 900 horsepower CORR Short Course trucks they are modeled after. This makes the racing more exciting and fun to get into.

2. Short Course Trucks are extremely durable and they absorb contact from other vehicles better than traditional RC vehicles. This means racers do not have to avoid contact like the plague. If two buggys or truggys ever trade paint, there is surely a tangled wreck on the way. Short Course Trucks are designed to hold there ground despite contact from other vehicles. This makes racing more interesting and realistic. See Make the SC10 More Durable

3. Short Course Trucks are great for bashing or racing. Because of their durability and hop-up options, Short Course Trucks are prime candidates for backyard bashing (see SC10 Bashing with Paddles). Short Course Trucks also run larger tires than buggys and truggys. Larger tires allows you to bash on more rugged terrain and race on larger tracks. For the same reasons, Short Course Trucks are excellent competitive race vehicles. This has been proven by the emergence of Short Course classes at local tracks around the country.

4. Short Course Trucks are the most affordable RC class. As shown in our Beginner's Buying Guide, you can get set up with an SC10 RTR and everything else you need for about $325. Comparing RTR kits, the SC10 RTR is $209.95 and the Team Associated T4 RTR (Truggy) is $249.95.

5. Short Course Trucks are available in 2WD and 4WD from numerous manufactures. 2WD trucks are made by Team Associated, HPI, Traxxas, Losi and Kyosho. 4WD models are available from Traxxas and OFNA with more manufacturers expected to step in. Even if you are into nitro vehicles, Short Course trucks are gaining popularity in that arena as well. Expect to see even more models and options in the near future. See Short Course RTR Truck Comparison


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I've raced short course since the SC10 came out.

But after years of flipping over backward over jumps or going down the straight I'm done.

Love the truck for bashing but racing? You can only laugh when you go from first to last because of wind.

Bring on the the SCB. I had overall TQ at our track for 3 out of 4 rounds until a 8th scale electric beat me.
Beat my SCT by 7 seconds a lap.

As for trading paint that is cool with people that knew how to race. But giving you the boot and scoot is not racing.
It is just dirty and is not racing!

Open wheels teach people how to pass cleanly, and set people up to pass you .
Yes a slower driver should realize someone is faster and it is better to let him pass. Then try to hold onto his tail then fight and slow both of you down.

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Is it just me, or will Short Course replace every other off-road class within a few years? I understand the appeal of short course trucks but one of the great things about the hobby (at least when I started) was the variety of vehicles available, and there was always at least one style of car available.

I'm not hating on short course trucks - heck, for a while I raced them - but seeing other classes die off is very worrying. Stadium Truck, Truggy, and even 2wd buggy are starting to wane (well, not so much with 2wd buggy in certain areas, but where I live I've been chased away from every track I've been to simply because I brought a Losi 22 with me).

I know this blog is entirely about the SC10, but could you at least address this issue? Has interest in other classes died?

I suspect the entire hobby is on a downtrend. So people are concentrating into a single class because that is all their community can support. The Short Course Truck class is one that has mass appeal so it wins out in a lot of communities.

That's my speculation though.

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