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Short Course RTR Truck Comparison - Best 2wd RTR Short Course Truck?

Traxxas created a new RC racing class when they came out with the 2wd Slash Short Course Truck. The popularity of the Slash and the "Short Course" class has led the other prominent RC companies to follow suit. This article compares the RTR features of the 2wd Traxxas Slash, HPI Blitz, Losi Strike, Kyosho Ultima SC, and Team Associated SC10.

Team Associated SC10

The SC10 is what you want if you are interested in Short Course Truck racing. The handling has been confirmed by many to be the best in the short course class.The SC10 also has many upgrade (Factory Team) parts made by Team Associated already available due to the compatibilty with the T4 and B4. We're not saying that the SC10 dominates Short Course, but has proven to be a leader and can match up with any other truck. For the RTR w/2.4GHz radio price of ~$210, we think it is the best deal in the Short Course class.

Team Associated SC10 RTR Features
- Reedy 17T Motor
- XP SC200 digital electronic speed control
- Metal gear steering servo
- XP3 2.4GHz Radio System
- Painted Body

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Slash RTR

The Slash is definitely the most popular Short Course Truck on the market and for good reason. Traxxas has always made quality vehicles for bashing and racing. They are also a "newbie" friendly company that makes durable vehicles. If you want a good RTR truck strictly for bashing with the ability to race, the Slash is your choice. The electronics and motor are not the best, but they are good enough. With some upgrades, the Slash can be a competitive race vehicle.

Slash RTR Features
- Powerful TitanĀ® 12T 550 motor with internal cooling fan
- XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
- Digital high-torque waterproof steering servo
- TQ 2-Channel Radio System
- Painted body
- Includes 7-cell nimh battery and ac charger

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Blitz RTR

The HPI Blitz is the newest Short Course Truck on the market. The Blitz offers a good combination of durability and quality racing performance. This truck offers full ball bearings which gives it a nice, smooth drive-train. The Radio isn't 2.4GHz but the electronics that come with the RTR will give you what you need to get going. This truck has all of the tuning capabilities you could imagine and it is race ready with very few upgrades.

Blitz RTR Features
- Firebolt 15T Motor
- SC-15 Electronic Speed Control
- Steering Servo Included
- TF-1 Transmitter and Receiver
- Painted body

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The Losi XXX-SCT is Losi's new short course truck. The XXX-SCT will replace the "Strike" as their main 2wd short course platform. If you know anything about the Strike, you know that it has had a lot of problems. Losi has stepped their game up with the XXX-SCT.

The Losi XXX-SCT is based on the XXX-T platform (Losi's 1/10th truggy). The XXX-T is known has a highly tunable and top performing truggy and the XXX-SCT is supposed to deliver more of the same. The XXX-SCT is the first real competition for the SC10 in terms of race performance and tune-ability.

Losi XXX-SCT Features

* Durable, composite-molded, race-proven XXX chassis
* LiPo compatible (2S cutoff), water resistant ESC
* LM-32K motor for high speed SCT action
* Spektrum SR300 2.4GHz DSM Receiver
* Aluminum, adjustable oil-filled, coil-over shocks
* Proven 3-gear transmission with a rugged differential
* Adjustable slipper clutch
* Losi digital steering servo
* Realistic short course bumper with mud flaps on the rear
* Short course style tire with Losi exclusive Eclipse tread pattern
* Beadlock-style SCT wheels with color trim rings
* Compatible with a long line of XXX parts currently in hobby shops


Kyosho Ultima SC

From what we have heard through our local track and online forums, it sounds like Kyosho has made a solid vehicle with the Kyosho Ultima SC. If you want to drive something unique, the Ultima is probably the least driven SC Truck at most American tracks. We want to do more research on this truck but we think the Kyosho could be a a solid competitor with the SC10 and company. The best thing about this truck is that it is LiPo Ready.

Kyosho Ultima SC RTR Features
- Pre-assembled chassis with R/C unit installed.
- Perfex KT-6 Transmitter
- KA15L ESC (includes program for Lipo batteries)
- G20 Brushed Motor
- Finished body complete with color scheme and decals applied

Go to Kyosho's Website to learn more about the Ultima SC.


Recap: The Traxxas Slash is the most Popular Short Course Truck on the market and is a great Truck for bashing and racing. The HPI Blitz is a great alternative to the Slash and is a direct competitor with the SC10 RTR. The Losi XXX-SCT is Losi's real try at a short course truck (don't buy the Losi Strike!) and it should be good competition with the SC10. The SC10 is the best option for racing because of its superior handling and tuning capabilites.

Check what MooGumby had to say in the Forums, "Overall remember the main point is to have fun. So if tuning and tweaking is fun for you. Then the Sc10 is what your looking at. The Sc10 is a racer with a lot of tunable options. If ready to bash out of the box and eventually learn to tune and upgrade - Slash may be a better fit."

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