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Make the SC10 Jump and Fly Better

One of the biggest problems with short course trucks and the SC10 is the difficulty of keeping them stable in the air. If you run your SC10 on a small track then this probably isn't a problem for you. If you track features some larger jumps and features than you may have noticed that it difficult to control in the air.

In most situations we suggest keeping your SC10 close to the ground, but if taking a jump means a faster lap time then you'll need to make some minor changes to your setup. Here are a couple of tips that will make your SC10 fly.

1. Cut some vents in the body. Short course truck bodies are much larger than truggys or buggys and therefore they trap more air under the hood. This causes the parachute effect that you have probably seen many times (nose in the air, back flips). We suggest cutting one vent in the front hood, one vent on each side behind the front wheel wells, and cut some larger vents in the rear. These vents will help all that air go through the body. Just be careful not to cut too much as you do not want to weaken or break your SC10 body. If you want to replace your body, try the body by JConcepts specifically designed to fly and drive better.

2. Practice! Learn to take off jumps better, and use throttle/brake to control your truck in the air. The speed and acceleration of your truck as it leaves the jump will determine how it flies. If the jump is shallow then you should accelerate up the jump to keep the nose from diving. If the jump is steep, let off the throttle as you take off to keep your truck from parachuting.

After the truck is the in the air you can make minor adjustments by hitting the throttle or brake. Hitting the throttle will help bring the nose up while hitting the brake will help bring the nose down.

3. Use weights and/or battery position to keep the nose down. Placing weight in the front of your truck or moving the battery up will help keep the nose down when you take off. Experiment with adding weight and changing the battery position to find the right amount of flight control and ground control. Read SC10 Battery Position and Adding Weights for more info.

4. Adjust springs to get more take off with less throttle. Changing to a softer spring will make the truck jump a little higher with the same amount of throttle. This can make the truck easier to control because at lower speeds there will be less drag on the truck. We suggest changing the front springs first then changing the backs. Be careful, going to a very soft spring in the front will cause the rear of your SC10 to loosen up and vice-versa.

If you need a new body for your SC10, check out SC10 Body Upgrade for more info.

Hope these tips help, feel free to leave a comment if you have your own tip for helping the SC10 jump and fly better!