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SC10 Body Upgrade

If you have put some laps on your SC10, then your SC10 body is probably looking a little "seasoned". Whether the paint is chipping off, the body mounts are cracking, or its just plain dirty, you need a fresh lid, with fresh paint, and shiny decals.

Here are the upgrade bodies available for the SC10 that we like the most:

JConcepts Manta Body - SC10

We are a sucker for almost anything JConcepts makes for the SC10 and this body is no different. The styling is very slick with hood scoops in the front and 3 fans molded into the back. This body also has higher clearance above your tires to improve performance. JConcepts also makes two other bodies for the SC10 that will look great and give you that extra tire clearance that you need - JConcepts Truth Body and JConcepts Dare Body. All three of these bodies from JConcepts will make your SC10 look and perform better. Remember, these are clear bodies, so they must be cut and painted.

Pro-Line Ford F-150 SC10 Body

This body from Pro-Line, modeled after the Ford F-150, is the most realistic body available for the SC10. The pronounced fenders and Ford racing decals make this body a great option for style and performance. Pro-Line also makes a Chevy Silverado Body for the SC10 that looks bad-ass.

Associated Stock SC10 Body

Associated makes one of the best looking stock bodies of any Short Course Truck on the market. If you like the stock look and want to spend a little less cash, the Stock Body is a great option.

Associated Painted SC10 Bodies

Associated also offers painted bodies that come ready to mount on your SC10. There are 6 painted bodies that you can purchase that will give you a professional looking truck.