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SC10 Front Sway Bar Mod

Adding a front sway bar to your SC10 can add stability and rigidity to the front of the truck making it easier to drive. If you run on a low traction and smooth surface, you can add more traction in turns with a front sway bar.

Note: A sway bar can have negative effects on the performance of the SC10 in bumpy sections.

If you decide to try a front sway bar on your SC10, you will need to make some modifications to your truck.

Here are the parts you will need:

1. SC10 Rear Sway Bar Kit (Yes, you need the "Rear" kit, there is no "Front" sway bar kit)

2. Team Associated 4-40 Ball Studs, Long

3. SC10 RPM Front A-Arms

Adding the front sway bar is a bit of a project since it requires a hand drill. Adding a front sway bar is a great modification for beginners because it is so simple and will give you another option when tuning your SC10 for a track. Watch the video below to learn how!

do you have any still pics on where to mount against shock tower couldnt really see so good on my phone

Works great. Tried the stiffest bar first. Really tamed down the body roll. Fixed the "sloppy" steering. Much more stable now. We used the stock arms also. Don't see a need for the RPM arms. Plenty of meat in the stock ones for the ball stud.

Are you racing off road or oval, what surface, dirt, carpet?

We tried out on the street first. That's where we noticed a big improvement in high speed stability. Then we took it to the back yard in the grass and over a few jumps. Big improvement in cornering. After we were done testing, I added an anti roll bar to the back. Even better now. Night and day difference on the handling. I just ordered two more bar sets for my daughter's truck that she is getting for Christmas. Going to go to the track next Thursday if possible to test everything out there.

I did this mod today, and I'm impressed so far with the additional control the SC10 has now with it installed.

Will this not work with the stock arms?

Why not?

I want to do it but I don't have theRPM arms

Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading your posts.
Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
Thanks a ton!

i was looking at your video on installing front sway bar on sc10, but my front shock tower doesn't have the same holes as the one in the video. is that an rpm tower or an ft tower? or did they end up changing the towers on the later trucks? my truck is about 4mo old and am having a problem with the rear getting loose coming out of the corners. clay smothe trac with suburbs all around 40wt front and 35 rear

It is the stock shock tower. You will have to drill the holes to mount it

I'm assembling the rear hub and find the roll pin is very hard to get thru the rear axle, any tips on how to get this pin in place


The roll pins are supposed to be hard to get in and out. You can go pick up some solid pins but then you have to be careful every time you take a tire off as they like to fall out. when i still used the roll pins i had used a needle nose pliers to get it flush then a super small punch to get it out. I recommend getting a good set of needle nose pliers.

Will this void the warranty of my RPM arms. I have had my set on for about a year but they are still holding strong with some major gouges i put into them so I don't fear they will break any time soon. just wondering is all. BTW thanks for bringing this vid to my attention. Now i can do it

I have no clue if it will void the warranty or not. I didn't even know that RPM had a warranty on their parts!

all rpm parts are warranted as long as you dont modify

What point did you use as your mark to make the holes for the ballstuds?

About 22.5 mm from the center of the inner hinge pin or between the "P" and the "M" of the RPM logo on the left arm and between the "-" and the "R" on the right.

Nice idea. Makes me wonder though, what kind of clearance does it have when the body is mounted to the chassis?

About the same as normal.

To clarify: Does the bod interfer with it by way of contact?


Thats the video that I made last fall!

Thanks for the video! We would love to see you make some more.

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