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SC10 Front Sway Bar Mod

Adding a front sway bar to your SC10 can add stability and rigidity to the front of the truck making it easier to drive. If you run on a low traction and smooth surface, you can add more traction in turns with a front sway bar.

Note: A sway bar can have negative effects on the performance of the SC10 in bumpy sections.

If you decide to try a front sway bar on your SC10, you will need to make some modifications to your truck.

Here are the parts you will need:

1. SC10 Rear Sway Bar Kit (Yes, you need the "Rear" kit, there is no "Front" sway bar kit)

2. Team Associated 4-40 Ball Studs, Long

3. SC10 RPM Front A-Arms

Adding the front sway bar is a bit of a project since it requires a hand drill. Adding a front sway bar is a great modification for beginners because it is so simple and will give you another option when tuning your SC10 for a track. Watch the video below to learn how!