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How and Why to Use Factory Team Bleeder Caps for the SC10 Shocks

Rebuilding your SC10 shocks should be done every couple weeks to ensure consistent dampening and traction on all 4 wheels. However, filling each shock with the appropriate amount of oil and making them feel smooth can be a pain in the A#*!! Thankfully, Associated created the Factory Team Bleeder Caps to make the process of filling your shocks with the correct amount of oil (while keeping air out) much easier.

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First off, check out this guide or use your SC10 manual to learn how to properly build the SC10 shocks. This can be a delicate process, so take your time and be consistent with each shock.

How to Bleed Shocks with Bleeder Caps

Second, you need to properly "bleed" your SC10 shocks. Refer to your SC10 Manual (page 13) to learn the process. If you want to make this process much easier, you need to buy a set of Factory Team Bleeder Caps. With the Bleeder Caps, you will take out the "bleeder screw" before you begin to bleed the shocks.

When you get to Step 4 of the bleeding process, your Factory Team Bleeder Caps will come in handy. Instead of slightly unscrewing your shock caps, the "bleeder screw" will already be removed, giving the oil and air a place to release. Slowly compress the shaft to push out excess oil and air. Then, with the shaft compressed, re-insert the small screw into your bleeder cap.

Watch this video below (starting at the 5:00 mark) to learn how to properly bleed a shock with a bleeder cap. This tutorial was made for the HPI Baja, but the concept is still the same.

Why Use FT Bleeder Caps

The main reason is that its easier to use Bleeder Caps! Instead of unscrewing your shock caps just enough to let out oil and air, all you have to do is to take the small screw out of the cap. This makes it easier and less messy to rebuild your shocks and to tune the pressure inside your shock bodies for varying conditions.

The other reason is consistency. With the Factory Team Bleeder Caps, each shock on your SC10 will be "bled" exactly the same way. This will create more consistency in your traction and dampening.

The Associated Bleeder Caps are a highly recommended Factory Team upgrade. It will make rebuilding and tuning your shocks a much more efficient process. Check them out at and hook up your SC10 today!