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Hop-up Tires for the SC10

The stock SC10 tires were created for high traction surfaces such as the street or an indoor carpet track. If you are racing on dirt or clay of any kind, then the only thing you will like about the stock tires is their durability. Upgrading the tires on your SC10 is the easiest and least expensive way to dramatically improve the truck. If you run a stock class at your local track that requires stock tires, then we feel bad for you. Without better tires, your SC10 is being held back on most off-road surfaces.

To start, the stock tires in the front may actually be a good setup for your track conditions. The SC10 turns very well and front tire traction is usually a non-issue. The back tires are a different story. On some off-road tracks, the stock tires can be extremely frustrating because you will not be able to get the rear tires to 'hook up'. If you race on a lower traction surface (lose dirt or clay), then you need to upgrade your tires in the rear.

Here are a few popular tire options for the SC10:

Subcultures by JConcepts

The Subcultures by JConcepts are the upgrade tires that come with Factory Team SC10 Kit. They are a quality tread made by JConcepts, a leader in SC10 tires.

Caliber SC Tires by Pro-line Racing

The Caliber SC Tires by Pro-line Racing are a very popular option on hard packed clay tracks. They provide good traction and a longer life than the Goosebumps. Caliber makes 3 different tire compounds for the Caliber tread - the M4, M3, and the M2. The M4 is the softest compound and will give you the most traction while sacrificing tread life.

Goose Bump tire by JConcepts

The Goose Bump tire by JConcepts have a super soft compound and a great pattern for locking up on loose dirt. For $16.95, this may be the best bang-for-your-buck in terms of upgrading your vehicle. If you run a very low traction surface you may need a pair for the fronts, too.

One draw back of the Goose Bump tire by JConcepts is that they wear out fairly quickly. After a few practice sessions you can start to notice a decrease in performance.


If you decide to buy upgrade tires for your SC10 and plan to race, we suggest buying two pairs for the rear, along with two sets of wheels. This way, you can run one set during practice, then break out the fresh treads for racing. The Goose Bumps will wear out on you and keeping a set strictly for racing will help your rear traction when you need it the most.

Also be sure to run a different tread/compound in the rear than in the front. With the SC10, there is plenty of steering built into the truck and if you run the same tires all the way around you will most likely have problems with oversteer. Run a softer compound in the rear OR run worn down treads in the front and your SC10 will be easier to drive.

The best way to know what tire combinations to use is to ask around your local track and experiment with your SC10. We encourage to ask other 2WD Short Course Truck owners at your track and they will be more than willing to steer you in the right direction. Don't just take their advice without question! Test it out on your SC10 to see what works best for your setup and driving style.