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Broken Front Chassis and Chassis Brace Hop-ups

If you are reading this article, it is likely that your SC10 chassis is broken or you are worried that it could break. The fact is that the SC10 Chassis DOES break. The SC10 Chassis is known to be a little weak in the front and if you are an inexperienced driver on a track with big jumps, you might find yourself with a broken front chassis.

If your SC10 Chassis is broken, we suggest you replace the entire chassis. While it is possible to repair your broken chassis with a front chassis brace, we discourage this repair. A broken chassis can affect your suspension and handling, not to mention the added stress on the chassis brace.

If you want to use a chassis brace, we suggest you use it in conjunction with a new chassis. By putting a chassis brace on your SC10, you will almost guarantee to never snap the front part of your chassis again.

Here’s what you need:

  1. A new Team Associated SC10 Chassis (part #9823) for $20.95
  2. There is a carbon fiber chassis made by Integy but we don't recommend this part because it is expensive ($79.95) and Integy is known to make low quality parts.

  3. A chassis brace
  4. The RPM Chassis Brace and Front Bumper is a great way hold your front end together and eliminate the possibility of breaking your chassis.

    If you look around the web, you can also find some aluminum or carbon chassis braces for the SC10. These are generally "home-made" parts that you can buy on ebay or other sites.

  5. A new Top Plate (part #9566)
  6. If you broke the front part of your chassis, there is a good chance you broke this too. It is the housing for the steering servo mechanism. You can get the Associated Stock Top Plate for $3.89. We recommend upgrading to the Factory Team Carbon Top Plate (stronger and lighter) for $6.69.

Now you have a bulletproof front end and chassis. If anything breaks on your front end, it will most likely be a turnbuckle ball cup, front A-arm, or your front shock tower - all three are better parts to break than your chassis and top plate.


If you have not broken your chassis yet and want to avoid this semi-common problem, get a chassis brace. If your chassis is already broken, get a brand new chassis from Team Associated (along with a new top plate if needed) and a chassis brace from either RPM or the custom carbon fiber brace linked above. I’ve heard of people breaking multiple chassis’s and the chassis brace is the only way to avoid this problem from reoccurring.