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How to Remove and Replace (or Upgrade) your SC10 Steering Servo

How to Remove the SC10 Steering Servo


Removing the steering servo from your SC10 is actually a fairly simple process. All you have to do is pull out the two hex screws from the bottom of your SC10 chassis, located directly below your steering servo. Then, pull the servo horn from the ball cup attached to the steering rack.

The servo horn can be removed by taking out the phillips head screw and pulling it off of the servo gear. Watch the video below (by and use your SC10 manual to see exactly how to remove your steering servo and to replace it with a new part.

Our SC10 Steering Servo Recommendations

Depending on your budget, here are two steering servos that we recommend that would make for a great replacement or upgrade for your SC10:

Performance Recommendation: Savox High Torque Digital Servo
Value Recommendation: Futaba S3305 Servo High-Torque Standard

Watch the video below to learn how to remove and replace the SC10 steering servo...