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How to Deal With and Avoid Stripped Screws

If you have a stripped screw on your SC10 you are not alone. Stripped screws are a common problem, especially when using cheap tools provided with a new kit.

First lets talk about what to do if you already have a stripped screw. The best way to get a stripped screw out is to use pliers (needle nose are the best). This process can be very tedious and you can break other parts if you are not careful. The goal here is to just get that screw to turn out enough to get your pliers around the head. If you are unable to get pliers around the screwhead, then we have bigger problems. At this point I would suggest that most people take their truck to their local hobby shop or watch this video - Stripped Screw Head Removal

Now lets talk about how to prevent stripping screws. Know that you are lucky if you are reading this article and have yet to build your first kit as this information will save you lots of time and headaches. There are two problems that cause stripped screws. One is poor quality tools. The other, more likely problem is a collection of user related issues. The most common mistake is working too fast. The faster you wrench, the faster you strip. Other problems include turning wrenches at an angle, using the wrong size wrenches, and over-tightening screws. Generally speaking, sloppy tool-work is what causes most stripped screws. These mistakes combined with poor quality wrenches are almost guaranteed to strip a screw.

Get some new wrenches before you assemble your SC10 kit, or before you take apart any part of your SC10. Their are many manufacturers of hobby-grade hex wrenches to choose from but Associated makes a Factory Team Hex Wrench Set that has all of the sizes you need for the SC10. The small hex screws that come with your SC10 are the easiest ones to strip so a good set of hex wrenches will go a long way.

Also, replace your worn out screws. You can usually tell when a screw is beginning to strip and at that point, you have to buy a new screw the next time you take the questionable screw out. These screws can usually be found at your local hobby shop or at

If you have to use the wrenches included with your SC10 kit, you need to go extremely slow with every screw. You really need to be overly cautious. Remember to not over-tighten screws.