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I'm about to buy an SC10 RTR as my first foray into the hobby. I'm stuck on what batteries to buy though and am coming to the view that LiFE will be the norm in the future. I believe the SC10 ESC has a LiPo cut off; can I just plug LiFE batteries in or will the ESC not like it!

Our Answer

LiFe batteries are not going to be the norm in RC until the performance of the batteries can match LiPo batteries.

LiFe are said to be safer and have a longer life. While LiPo batteries were deemed unsafe when they first came out, new LiPo batteries are now considered extremely safe and "LiPo sacks" are a thing of the past (LiPo sacks were used to contain LiPo batteries while charging in case of fire or explosion).

The advantage of LiFe batteries is that they have a longer overall life and a low voltage cutoff ESC is not needed. RC racing is about performance and that is why LiPo's are so popular.

LiPo's have more punch and weigh less than LiFe's which makes LiPo's ideal for racing. Also, the SC10 Brushless RTR has a low-voltage cutoff ESC so you don't have to worry about damaging your LiPo battery. While LiFe batteries have a longer overall life, LiPo batteries also have a great overall lifetime.

We suggest you stick with LiPo's until the performance of LiFe's can match up. Here's a great LiPo battery for your SC10 - Dynamite 7.4V 6000mAh 2S 25C LiPo