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Hi, Im a total beginner in the hobby and Ive just bought my first truck. I decided to buy the SC10 RTR. Have I made the wrong decision? I want it to introduce myself to the hobby, to bash and to take to the track to have fun with. So after reading one of your articles I think I may have made the wrong decision and should have chosen the SLASH instead. Any thoughts? Thanks. Jose.

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You have not made the wrong decision. While Traxxas has a reputation as being beginner friendly, this is not the case when it comes to the 2WD short course class. The SC10 RTR and Slash are both great trucks for RC beginners. They are both very durable and will teach you how to drive.

The only benefit one could argue for the Slash over the SC10, is that the Slash is easier to drive out of the box on off-road tracks. The SC10 is fairly difficult to drive out of the box on a loose off-road surface. The good news is that you have found which has some great articles that will help you get your SC10 setup.

I think you will actually learn more about RC with your SC10 and once you become a better driver, you'll be glad you have the fastest 2WD short course truck!

Take some time and read through our Beginners section. We have posts on just about every topic a beginner would need. As always, feel free to submit more questions to us and we will help you out!