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VIDEO: How to Remove the SC10 Transmission and Gear Differential

Have you ever been at the track and heard someone driving a really loud RC? You also may have noticed that their truck is sluggish with very little punch. If this is your RC, or you want to avoid having an SC10 with no punch, then you need to regularly maintain your SC10's transmission.

At, we get more questions about the SC10 transmission than any other part or feature on the truck. I think this is because taking apart the transmission seems like a complicated task. In fact, many RC beginners won't even try to clean the tranny on their SC10 because they are afraid they will put it back together incorrectly.

The good news is that we have created a video that show you step-by-step how to take apart your tranny, clean the gears, lube the bearings, and put it back together. Watch the video below!

Here are a list of parts that you might need for your SC10 transmission: