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Tuning Toe-in and Camber on the SC10

For those new to RC, "toe-in" refers to the horizontal angle of the wheels. If the front side of your tires are pointed in towards the chassis, then you have "toe-in". If they are pointed away from the chassis, you have "toe-out".

This picture from is a great illustration of toe-in/toe-out:

RC Toe-in and Toe-out

Camber is the vertical angle of the wheels with respect to the racing surface. This pic illustrates camber:

RC Camber

Tuning Toe-in

You can change the toe-in on the front of your SC10 by adjusting the set of turnbuckles that are closer to the rear of the truck. Turn on the ESC and transmitter to power on the steering servo and align the wheels. Then try adjusting the turnbuckles. You will have to figure out which way to turn the turnbuckles to add or decrease toe-in.

You can measure the toe-in by eye or if you want to be exact, get a gauge like this RPM Toe Gauge. With this tool you can measure toe-in/out to the degree and make sure both wheels are tuned the same.

Toe-in/out is so easy to change which is why I don't believe you need to get super technical (you just need a tie-rode wrench, your SC10 Kit comes with one). Get your tie-rod wrench out and try some different setups at the track.

Start by adjusting the wheels so they are pointing straight ahead (0 deg of toe). Then test your setup on the track then add more toe-in and test again. Keep tuning and testing the toe-in until you find something you like. In general, you will want at least 1 degree of toe-in in the front and there is no reason to run toe-out on your SC10.

And of course, if you are serious about racing and want to be precise, you can use this RPM Toe Gauge.

Tuning Camber

You can tune the camber in the front and rear of your SC10 by adjusting the turnbuckles as well. In the front, adjust the turnbuckles that are closer to the front bumper of your truck. In the rear, there is only one set of turnbuckles. Just like tuning toe-in, you'll need to start turning the turnbuckles to figure out which way you need to turn them to increase or decrease the camber.

Like toe-in, start with the wheels perpendicular to the racing surface and start adding negative camber (wheels leaning in towards the truck). Keep tuning and testing to find a setup you like.

You can also measure camber with your eyes or use this Integy Camber and Ride Height Gauge.

More Help

For more explanations on toe-in, camber, and how each affects your SC10, read the Off-Road Suspension Tuning Guide at The first two topics in the guide are toe-in and camber so it should be easy to find.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you test your setups. It is a good idea to only change one thing at a time or you will not get a true idea of how changes in toe-in or camber are affecting your truck. Happy tuning!

Bling your turnbuckles!

Every time your drive your SC10, check the turnbuckles to see if any are bent. If so, take the opportunity to pick up a set of Factory Team Titanium Turnbuckles. They are super lightweight and they have a blue finish that looks pretty cool.

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