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SC10 Factory Team Parts List

Factory Team parts were created by Team Associated to provide better performance and durability. Many of these hop-ups were created for the B4 Buggy or T4 Truggy, but they fit on your SC10.

Here are some parts that we think are worth looking into:

#1283 FT T4 Ti Turnbuckle Set - Not something you need right away. Wait until one of your turnbuckles gets bent or worn out from adjusting.

#1770 FT Milled Aluminum Motor Plate, (blue) - If your motor is running hot, this is a good investment.

#3971 Steering Rack Bearings - Get these to smooth out your steering and put less stress on your servo.

#7447 T4 Front A-Arm, Carbon - We love carbon and so should you. Get these the second you break a front A-arm.

#7449 T4 Rear A-Arm, Carbon - Same as the fronts.

#9567 B4/T4 Top Plate, Carbon - This is a great part combined with a front Chassis Brace.

Here is a complete list with part #'s...

#1283 FT T4 Ti Turnbuckle Set
#1406 FT Ti Turnbuckle, 2.00" (blue)
#1408 FT Ti Turnbuckle, 2.65" (blue)
#1409 FT Ti Turnbuckle, 1" (sway bar, blue)
#1417 FT Ti Turnbuckle, 2.80" (blue)
#1585 FT B4 Aluminum Trailing Axle
#1595 FT Chassis Lead Weights, 1/4 oz.
#1598 FT Blue Aluminum Shock Caps, (blue)
#1654 FT Solid Axle Pins
#1734 FT Blue Body Clip, 4 long, 6 short
#1770 FT Milled Aluminum Motor Plate, (blue)
#1777 Blue Aluminum Shock Ball Ends with Eyelets
#1779 FT Servo Mounts, blue aluminum
#1780 FT Blue Aluminum Threaded Shock Bushings
#1781 FT Rear Shock Bushing (short)
#3971 Steering Rack Bearings
#6416 Gold Shock Shaft, 1.32" stroke
#6417 Gold Shock Shaft, 1.02" stroke
#6906 Ball Bearing, PTFE Sealed 3/16 x 3/8"
#6937 FT 4-40 Aluminum Lock Nuts (blue)
#6943 FT 8-32 Aluminum Lock Nuts (blue)
#7412 Rear Threaded Shock Body, 1.39"
#7414 Front Threaded Shock Body, 1.02"
#7416 FT Threaded Shock Collar & O-Rings
#7447 T4 Front A-Arm, Carbon
#7449 T4 Rear A-Arm, Carbon
#7922 GT2 Caster Block 30 deg, (left & right)
#9565 B4/T4 Chassis Brace, Hinge Pin Brace, Carbon
#9567 B4/T4 Top Plate, Carbon
#9577 B4/T4 Steering Block, Inline (left & right)(req. #9623)
#9592 B4/T4 Caster Block 20 deg, (left and right)
#9608 RR Axle Wheel Spacer (silver)
#9610B B4/T4 Blue Servo Saver Bolt
#9623 FT B4 Front Inline Axle (req. #9577)
#9633 FT T4 Front Threaded Shock Kit, 1.02"
#9634 FT T4 Rear Threaded Shock Kit, 1.39"
#9635 B4/T4 Sway Bar Kit
#9665 FT B4/T4 Aluminum Hinge Pin Brace V2

Did just the ball stud come out? Is your SC10 4x4 a RTR? If so grab your manual and read it from cover to cover paying close attention assembly and notes. The turnbuckles are supporter underneath the plastic by a metal insert. You should always look your truck over very well and make sure there are no lose screws or bolts. These particular ball studs should be checked often and installed with a drop of blue loctite to keep them from backing out. I have both the Slash 4x4 and SC10 4x4. I bash with the Slash because it is very tough but the SC10 is my race machine because it handles much better. Good luck to ya.

Has anyone else had the rear turnbuckle pull out of the shock tower. I have a two month old 4x4 with around 2-3 total hours on it. I installed the factory upgrade and after 2 heat races the turnbuckle pulled out at an angle..........

This is my first truck, EVERYONE tried to talk me into a Slash..... I know why.......

Jeff Tennill
2030 LeLand Dr
Shelbyville, Ky 40065

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