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SC10 Factory Team V2 Threaded Shocks

With the release of the Factory Team SC10, Associated introduced their FT V2 Threaded Shocks. The Factory Team Shocks are upgrades from the shocks that came with your SC10 RTR. These shocks can be bought separately as a pair of rears or fronts.

Here are the new features of the FT V2's:

SC10 Factory Team V2 Threaded Shocks

- Bleed screw shock caps for simple shock bleeding
- Simplified Build Process
- Aluminum Shock Bodies
- Threaded Shock Bodies for Easy Adjustment

This kit comes with everything you need to build complete shocks for either the front or rear assembly (2 shocks). The shock kits can be bought through the links below.

SC10 FT Front V2 Threaded Shocks (1.02)

SC10 FT Rear V2 Threaded Shocks (1.32)

If you need help rebuilding your shocks, check out Shock Rebuild on the SC10.