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SC10 Aluminum Shocks by Team Blue Star

Team Blue Star has come out with aluminum shocks for the SC10. If you have come across these shocks and considered purchasing them, you might want to think again. If you haven't seen them, you can check them out here -

For $44.95, you get front and rear aluminum shocks for your SC10, but the real cost will come after you install them on your SC10.

According to several SC10 owners posting on SC10 forums around the internet, these shocks are not worth the cost. They leak, they do not provide an increase in performance, and customer support from Team Blue Star is not friendly.

One poster at had the following experience with Team Blue Star Aluminum Shocks -

"They leaked on the first run. I was told (Cust. Service) that I needed to buy a shock rebuild kit. I explained that they were brand new, and only run once, but they wouldn't have any part of it."

If you want to upgrade to SC10 shocks, we suggest you go with quality and reliability and get the Team Associated Factory Team V2 Threaded Shocks.

Check out the compatible FT V2 Shocks on at these links:

SC10 FT Front V2 Threaded Shocks (1.02)

SC10 FT Rear V2 Threaded Shocks(1.32)

This review was based on a small number of owners expressing the same negative opinion about the Team Blue Start shocks. If you have had a positive experience with these shocks, please leave a comment below.