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Convert SC10 Wheels to Hex (Slash) Adapters

There are a few advantages of running Hex wheel adapters on your SC10. The main reason is that 12mm hex wheel adapters will allow you to run wheels made for the Traxxas Slash or HPI Blitz. This eliminates the problems that the stock SC10 wheel design presents.

Buy the Pro-Line SC10 Rear Wheel Adapters (12mm Hex)

Buy the Pro-Line SC10 Front Wheel Adapters (12mm Hex)

Why Put Hex Adapters on your SC10:

1. Prevent your rear wheels from stripping. The small pin adapters that come with the SC10 are more prone to stripping compared to the hex adapters that are on other Short Course Trucks like the Traxxas Slash or HPI Blitz. We aren't saying that the SC10 wheels strip out all the time, but they do strip more often than ones with hex style adapters. Note: I have gone through multiple sets of tires on my rear wheels and they are still in great shape.

2. More rotation options with your sets of tires/wheels. With hex adapters on the front and rear, each tire/wheel you own can be used on all four corners. This will help prevent them from wearing down so fast as you will be able to rotate them more often. For my local track, I actually don't like fresh tires on the front. So now, I put the fresh treads on the back during practice, wear em' down a bit, then put them up front for my race. This is a big help because I can have fresh treads on the rear for races, and also have perfectly worn tires to run on the front!

3. Local hobby shop inventory. Some of your local hobby shops may only carry Slash (or Blitz) wheels, or maybe they tend to have them in stock more often. If this is the case at your local shop, using Hex wheel adapters will open up your options to use non-SC10 wheels.

How to Replace the Stock SC10 Wheel Adapters with Hex Adapters

You need to buy new wheel adapters for your SC10 - different parts are needed for the front and rear. Pro-line Racing makes a great conversion kit for the front and/or rear of your SC10.

Buy the Pro-Line SC10 Rear Wheel Adapters (12mm Hex)

Buy the Pro-Line SC10 Front Wheel Adapters (12mm Hex)
- For the fronts, you will need to replace the Hub carriers and Axel. It's a very simple assembly replacement.

After you get your SC10 hooked up with Hex wheel adapters, you can now run Slash and Blitz wheels on the front or back.

Let us know what you think about this conversion. Personally, I like the idea of being able to use any wheel/tire combo on any corner of my truck. Hate to admit Traxxas got something right, but I think they did in this case.