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SC10 Christmas List 2010

Christmas is just around the corner and we thought we would give you some ideas for your Wish List this year.

Castle Creations Mamba Max 5700kv Motor/ESC Combo

If you are still running a brushed motor then a Brushlees Motor and ESC Combo should be the first thing on your wish list. A Brushless Motor and ESC will increase torque and top speed, plus decrease motor maintenance to virtually nothing.

The Mamba Max Motor/ESC Combo is as good as it gets. With tons of power and minimum maintenance, the Mamba Max system will completely change your SC10.

See our article, SC10 Brushless Motor Setups for more info and options.

Dynamite 7.4v 6000mAH 2s 25C LiPo Battery and Dynamite Passport AC/DC LiPo 6S Charger

After you have a brushless setup, LiPo power is the next logical step. LiPo batteries are lighter, have longer run times, provide more "punch", and have a longer overall life. The Dynamite 7.4v 6000 mAH 2s 25C LiPo Battery is a great battery with 20-30+ minutes of run time depending on your gearing.

If you don't have a LiPo charger, you'll need one to charge your new LiPo batteries. The Dynamite Passport AC/DC LiPo 6S Charger is affordable and works with a standard electrical outlet or your car battery for charging at the track!


If you're like me, you probably run a body until it literally falls off. The fact is that bodies are expensive and take effort and time to paint. Ask for a new body this Christmas and use your time off from work or school to paint the body (if clear).

Read our SC10 Body Upgrade post to learn about some great body options for your truck.

Spektrum DX3R DSM2 3CH Radio

The RTR 2.4ghz radio that comes with the SC10 does the job, but a Spektrum DX3R DSM2 3CH Radio is a huge upgrade. The Spektrum DX3R DSM2 3CH Radio boasts the fastest response time of any spectrum radio system. You will also enjoy the the extensive settings that can be adjusted from the LCD screen. If you are serious about RC, get a Spektrum DX3R DSM2 3CH Radio. It will be the last radio you buy for years.

SC18 recently hopped on the SC18 bandwagon and we aren't getting off anytime soon. The SC18 is great for first time RC'ers as well as anyone looking to get into 1:18 scale RC. The SC18 is affordable, easy to maintain, and lots of fun! You can run the SC18 in smaller spaces which makes it a great candidate for basement racing.

That's our short list of ideas for your christmas list. Leave a comment below if you have something on your wish list we didn't mention.

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