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Team Associated SC10 RS RTR

The SC10 RS RTR is the latest version of the SC10 RTR released by Team Associated. The SC10 RS (which stands for "Race-Spec") is basically the same thing as an SC10 Brushless RTR with some added hop-ups and features.

Here are the notable features that make the SC10 RS RTR special:

  • XP3-SS 2.4GHz 3-channel radio system with XP S1903 metal gear steering servo
  • New High-Power Water-Resistant XP SC700 Brushless Speed Control with Deans® Ultra Plug® battery connector
  • Reedy 3300 KV Brushless Motor
  • New Water-Resistant enclosed receiver box
  • New Blue anodized aluminum V2 coil-over shocks
  • KMC® replica hex-drive wheels front and rear
  • JConcepts racing compound rear tires and inserts
  • Composite battery hold-down strap fits NiMH & LiPo battery packs
  • Molded composite low-CG chassis with increased strength
  • 14 precision rubber sealed ball bearings

Here are the features I am most excited about:

Blue Anodized Aluminum V2 Shocks

The "regular" SC10 Brushless RTR comes with aluminum, but the SC10 RS RTR comes with the V2 shocks. These shocks are pretty cool because they have a bleeder cap which makes them easier to fill.

KMC replica hex-drives

This is a big improvement that was needed for a lot of SC10 owners. The "regular" SC10 comes with axle and pin drives which were prone to stripping wheels on high powered setups. The hex-drives will never strip a wheel and they will let you run a wider variety of wheels that are made for other short course trucks.

JConcepts racing compound rear tires

The stock wheels on the "regular" SC10 simply don't cut it unless you are running on the street. If you are running on an off-road track, you definitely need to get some new rear tires or your SC10 will be hard to drive. The SC10 RS RTR comes with a set of rear tires from JConcepts that will allow you to take your SC10 right to the track and drive it without buying new tires.

Should you buy the SC10 RS RTR or the SC10 Brushless RTR?

The SC10 RS RTR costs about $40 more than the SC10 Brushless RTR. If you have the extra $40 to spend than it is definitely worth it. With the upgrades in shocks, hex-drive wheel outputs, and the JConcept tires you are getting your $40 worth right there. Not to mention there are some other features that also justify the extra $40. This one is a no-brainer, if you have the extra $40, get the SC10 RS RTR.

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