Associated SC10 Beginner's Buying Guide has put together a buying guide that explains exactly what you need to race or bash the Associated SC10! MORE HERE

New Multimedia Section at

Recently, Team Associated launched a new portion of their website, the Multimedia Page. This page contains tons of videos, photos, and wallpapers for Team Associated drivers. Check out this new multimedia section at Multimedia.

The content we are most interested in are the "Tech Tips" videos, which are already available for the SC10 and SC10 4x4.

Topics covered in the videos include: SC10 Gear Diff Assembly, Building RTR Shocks, Tire Gluing, SC10 4x4 Transmission Assembly, and more. We hope you check out this page and watch some of the videos to learn more about your SC10 and SC10 4x4.

As always, we will post some of our favorite videos on this site, and we will keep you updated with any new content that they post. As an example, check out this great video they made on how to properly glue tires...