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If you want more speed and less maintenance, then you need to hop-up your SC18 with a Brushless Motor and ESC. A Brushless Motor can take your stock SC18 top speed from about 17-18 mph all the way to 30-40 mph+. Here are some quality Micro Brushless Motor/ESC Combos that will dramatically increase the speed of your SC18 and provide compatibility with LiPo batteries.

Just like your SC10, putting an LiPo battery in your SC18 will increase speed and improve runtimes. NiMH batteries (like the stock SC18 RTR battery) can work for casual SC18 owners, but LiPo batteries are simply a must for any SC18 racers or serious bashers. Read this article to find out how to get your SC18 LiPo powered.

The Team Associated SC18 is ready-to-run right out of the box, including a battery and 10 hour charger. Yes, I just said "10 hour charger". It is pretty cool that a charger is included with the SC18, however a 10 hour charge can be inconvenient and unpractical.

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Team Associated met the demand for a smaller scale Short Course Truck when they created the SC10's little brother, the SC18. The SC18 offers realistic 1/18th scale short course racing in an affordable RTR package for $159.95. If you are unsure about buying a larger 1/10th scale truck, like the SC10, here are some reasons why the SC18 may be a better truck for you.

The SC18 Brushless RTR is now available which means the best 1:18 scale 4WD short course truck comes with brushless power.

When you think about an 1:18 scale truck, you think fun! The last thing you want to do is worry about maintaining or replacing motors. With the SC18 Brushless, you get a ton of power with little to no maintenance. That means more time running your truck and less time on the work bench.

The SC18 Brushless RTR is perfect for first time RCer's and for anyone that wants to have some fun in the backyard.

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The SC18 Brushless RTR features the Reedy 5000kv Brushless Motor and LiPo ready ESC.

SC18 Tuning Spring Kit

The SC18 doesn't have many tuning options out of the box. The only thing you can change about the suspension is the amount of pre-load by adding or subtracting spacers from the shock body. This will change the ride height and have some effect on handling, but if you want to make big changes you will need to change the shock springs.

To change the springs on your SC18, you will need the Factory Team 1:18 Scale Tuning Spring Kit. This kit will give you two additional tuning options for the front and rear springs on your SC18.

SC18 Intro

The Team Associated SC18 is the most exciting 1/18 scale short course truck on the market. At we have info, tips, and reviews for the Team Associated SC18.

SC18 Titanium Turnbuckles

The SC18 comes with fixed plastic turnbuckles out of the box. This means you cannot tune the camber or toe-in/out on a stock SC18. If you want to do some basic RC tuning on your SC18, get a set of Titanium Turnbuckles from Team Associated. Even on an 1:18 scale truck, camber and toe-in/toe-out is important, especially if you are racing!

Buy Titanium Turnbuckles from has become the #1 website for info about the SC10. With the success that we have enjoyed, we decided to add a SC18 section to the website.

We just received an SC18 the other day and have had a blast playing around with it in the house, on the street, and at the track. The stock SC18 has given us hours of fun, but now we are ready to hop it up and see what it can really do.