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SC10 Hop-up Review

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How to Remove the SC10 Steering Servo


Removing the steering servo from your SC10 is actually a fairly simple process. All you have to do is pull out the two hex screws from the bottom of your SC10 chassis, located directly below your steering servo. Then, pull the servo horn from the ball cup attached to the steering rack.

SC10 CVD Kit from MIP

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If you are serious about racing your SC10, a CVD Kit from MIP should be on your short list of hop-ups. CVD's also have benefits that a basher will appreciate.

CVD stands for "Constant Velocity Drive". CVD's are designed to put constant power to the wheels, unlike the traditional dogbones that come with the SC10. The result is a smoother drive train and slightly better punch.

If you are reading this article, it is likely that your SC10 chassis is broken or you are worried that it could break. The fact is that the SC10 Chassis DOES break.

SC10 Body Upgrade

If you have put some laps on your SC10, then your SC10 body is probably looking a little "seasoned". Whether the paint is chipping off, the body mounts are cracking, or its just plain dirty, you need a fresh lid, with fresh paint, and shiny decals.

Here are the upgrade bodies available for the SC10 that we like the most:

Hop-up Tires for the SC10

The stock SC10 tires were created for high traction surfaces such as the street or an indoor carpet track. If you are racing on dirt or clay of any kind, then the only thing you will like about the stock tires is their durability. Upgrading the tires on your SC10 is the easiest and least expensive way to dramatically improve the truck. If you run a stock class at your local track that requires stock tires, then we feel bad for you. Without better tires, your SC10 is being held back on most off-road surfaces.

Essential SC10 Hop-ups

One of the advantages of owning an SC10 is the wide variety of hop-ups (upgrade parts) available. If you are ready to upgrade your SC10 RTR or Kit, check out this list of must have hop-ups (minor and major).

Minor Hop-ups (low cost)

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Quality video made by Squirrelod on what upgrades to make to your SC10. There are two parts, the first part covers bearings, transmission, and CVD's. The second part covers Motor Mounting, gearing, and tires. Definitely worth watching and there are some ideas that you should try.

Part One

If you have an SC10 4x4 kit, then you probably need a brushless motor to go with it. There are a lot of options, but if you want to go with one of the best 4x4 brushless motors available, check out the LRP Vector X-12L Brushless Modified Motor (made by Team Associated).

Rebuilding your SC10 shocks should be done every couple weeks to ensure consistent dampening and traction on all 4 wheels. However, filling each shock with the appropriate amount of oil and making them feel smooth can be a pain in the A#*!! Thankfully, Associated created the Factory Team Bleeder Caps to make the process of filling your shocks with the correct amount of oil (while keeping air out) much easier.

Buy the SC10 Factory Team Bleeder Caps at

SC10 Brushless RTR Review

Let's face it, brushed motors and NiMh battery packs have been left in the dust by Brushless motors and LiPo batteries. Thankfully Associated has finally delivered the SC10 Brushless RTR that we have all been waiting for. Now you can get the awesome Brushless power and long LiPo runtimes in the SC10 RTR package.