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Our Answer

The SC10 comes with 30wt shock oil for the front and rear shocks. 30wt shock oil will be fine for on-road driving, but for most off-road tracks you will want a heavier oil all the way around. If you are running on a clay track then you should try 35wt oil in the rear and 40wt oil in the front. This will add a more damping to your shocks which will provide more stability in turns and better performance when landing a big jump. Also, running a slightly heavier weight in the front shocks will provide better traction in the rear which will make the SC10 easier to drive for most drivers.

Setups by Team Associated drivers can be found here:

Just select "SC10" from the "Select your Truck" drop down on the left. A popular setup for shocks is the 40wt oil with gold springs in the front and 35wt oil with green springs in the rear. Hope this helps!