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Our Answer

There are no wheels that are made specifically for the SC10 that have the same inner and outer wheel diameter.

If you have some 2.2" diameter tires, you will need to buy T4 wheels (the T4 is Team Associated's 1/10th scale truggy). These wheels will fit on the SC10 no problem and should fit your 2.2" tires. You may have trim your SC10 body if the tires are rubbing.

You can buy T4 wheels at here:

JConcepts T4 Rear Wheels

JConcepts T4 Front Wheels

We do not recommend this modification because your SC10 will no longer be a 1/10th scale Short Course Truck, but if you really need to use the tires or think it will help with performance, go for it!

If anyone has a pic of their SC10 with T4 tires, please contact us and we'll get the pic from you and post it on the site!